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Private Investigator, Vincent Tan of Asia Top Investigation LLP shares about GPS tracking devices that are secretly installed in your vehicle. With technology advancing rapidly, tracking devices are getting more sophisticated. In the market, there are hundreds and hundreds of different types of tracking devices to choose from. But selecting the correct one is not an easy task. You must first identify your objectives to narrow down the search for the correct one to suit your needs.

If you are looking for a GPS tracking device, the 4 most important things to consider are:

1) GPS tracker must be able to provide real-time tracking ability;

2) GPS tracker must be able to give you the accurate location position even if the vehicle is underground;

3) GPS tracker must be able to last for at least 72 hours continuously without charging; and

4) Good technical support to assist you when needed.

Nowadays GPS tracking devices available online for sale are smaller than a 6-volt battery size. Due to the competitiveness, you can easily purchase one for about S$30 +/-. But beware. these GPS trackers are using the 2nd generation GSM network which is not able to function in some countries including Singapore. Usually monitoring a GPS tracker is done on your mobile phones, computers, or tablets. Most GPS trackers will come with their own software applications. It is advisable to seek professional advice from your Private Investigator before you install a GPS tracking device to avoid any infringement with the Law.

You can Google search for the best tracking devices available and have a better understanding of these tracking devices. Generally, there are 2 types of GPS tracking devices available online: 1) Passive GPS Tracker which you will not be able to monitor in real-time: and 2) Active GPS Tracker which you will be able to monitor in real-time.


When GPS technology was made available to the mass public in the ’80s, most GPS Trackers are only slightly smaller than a brick and the smaller one needs to be connected to the car battery. Those days you don’t need any professionals to locate the GPS Trackers as the trackers were so big and visible that you can locate them easily.

These days with the advanced technology some GPS Trackers are as small as a Singapore 50 cent coin. Some professional GPS Trackers can also be concealed into car accessories which make detection more difficult. If you suspect that your car is being tracked, you can consider buying a GPS TRACKER ELECTRONIC SWEEPER EQUIPMENT, FLASHLIGHT and DETECTION MIRROR to locate these trackers. Common areas to check are: 1) car bumper; 2) car undercarriage; 3) car boots; 4) spare tire compartment; 5) beneath car seats; 6) car battery compartment; 7) glove compartment etc.. It is difficult to identify the tracking devices unless you have expertise in this area. It is not an easy task to locate a tracker especially a professional tracking device. Usually, GPS Trackers are hidden in an easy to reach area but difficult to locate. It is almost impossible to locate a GPS Tracker without the aid of a detector.

You can seek professional help from Singapore Private Investigators who are specialized in countermeasures if you suspect that your vehicle is installed with a GPS Tracker. Private Investigators can provide you with helpful advice as they have the expertise and tools to detect a tracking device.

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