“10 Warning Signs Your Employee Might Be Stealing”. By Singapore Private Detective, Steven Tan

Detecting employee theft is ever easy and employers should understand how to handle properly. Some of the employee theft can result in big losses for companies. Most of the reported cases can be prevented. One of the high profile news reports on employees jailed for stealing more than S$5 million.

Employers must put in place specific policies and procedures, as well as regular checks on a key person especially those, have the authority to issue payment on behalf of the company. We understand to detect employee theft is difficult and challenging. Asia Top Investigation LLP has listed some ‘employees stealing signs ‘you can look out for;

1) Poor Work Performer

2) Rumors or information that the employee is a heavy gambler and womanizer

3) Having extremely and strangely close relationship with supplier or customer

4) Spending beyond his mean

5) Cash or Merchandise missing in his department which he is overall in-charge

6) Making big purchases like a luxury car or private property

7) Frequently visit exclusive night club and casino

8) Hearsay or warning from other employees, business associate or vendors

9) Too frequently volunteers for night shift or days which no one in the office

10) Sudden changes in lifestyle and excessive absences


None of these signs alone should be taken as confirmation of employee theft. Those are only warning signs for an employer to take note and conduct some form of investigation.

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