20 Cheating Spouse Signs You Might Overlook. By Private Investigators of Asia Top Investigation LLP.

1. Changing their password on mobile devices and not sharing with you. Block you on their social media platforms.

2. Close friends cautious you about your partner behaving intimately with someone else from the opposite sex.

3. Bringing their mobile phone into the bathroom frequently and answering calls in a discreet way, making secret phone calls, sending private messages in late hours of the night.

4. When you question, you never get direct answers or get answer that does not make sense.

5. Their mood towards you changed and began to find fault with you for no apparent reasons.

6. Sudden interest in new things like taking new sport, going to the gym, using perfume, paying more attention to their dressing and appearance change etc.

7. Working late every night with a limp excuse.

8. Highly insensitive to your feeling.

9. Picking up fights over small matters.

10. Avoiding sex by giving excuses like headaches, tiredness, impotence, etc

11. Your gut feeling tells you something is not right.

12. Money not begin accounted for and expensive gift purchase not meant for you.

13. Frequently avoiding your calls and making excuses for not picking up or uncontactable.

14. When you use their phone they would freak out or feel uneasy.

!5. When confronted or questioned they will accuse you of beginning too sensitive.

16. Sending love messaging not meant for you.

17. Stop holding your hand in public and lying about his whereabouts.

18. Leaving home at strange hours of the day without any reason.

19. Not informing you about travel plans or impromptu travels and not telling the truth about which hotel they are staying in.

20. Switching off their phone GPS tracking function when they are not with you.

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