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Who is Private Investigator Vincent Tan?

Vincent Tan is a certified International Investigator by the council in 2011. He was awarded Asia Top Investigator by the American Biographical Institute in May 2012. This accolade recognizes Vincent Tan’s expertise in handling sophisticated Matrimonial Investigation. Vincent Tan started his Private Investigation career with an International Private Investigation Agency under Mr. Lionel Chee, Former Assistant Commissioner of Singapore Police Force, Mr. Daniel Grove, Former Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI ) who opened an office at the American Consulate in Hong Kong and Mr. Martin Soh, Formerly with Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB). In his past 25 years, Vincent Tan has undertaken several thousands of personal and commercial cases in Singapore and Overseas.

Is Hiring A Private Investigator Legal In Singapore?

The answer is yes. It is legal in engaging a Private Investigator in Singapore. In fact, for some instances, the evidence presented in court needed to be conducted by Licenced Private Investigators. All Private Investigators in Singapore must hold a valid PI Licence and work with a licenced Private Investigation Agency. These Licences are issued by the ,Singapore Police Force (PLRD),. You can read more on Private Investigators / Private Investigation Agencies Licencing ,here.

Types Of Equipment/ Devices Used By Asia Top Investigation LLP

In this business, Private Investigators rely on the latest available technology equipment and devices to gather evidence especially covert surveillance and Investigation cases. We vastly invested in the most updated surveillance equipment and trained our Investigators to operate. For example, we used the latest recording device that can pick up the sound even 6 feet across a room or tracking devices that can pinpoint the real-time location even if the target is underground or inside a building with 95 percent accuracy. We also use a Speech-Like Noise device to counter secretly recorded conversation. You can read more on our informative blogs here.

How To Select A Correct Private Investigator?

Shortlist at least 3 Private Investigation Agencies and read through their website carefully for a better understanding of their experience and expertise. Avoid agencies that are not licensed by the ,Singapore Police Force (PLRD) especially the foreign Private Investigation Agencies. There is no such thing as a money-back guarantee or fees which is too low to be true. It is important to know the experience and expertise of the Private Investigator you are engaging as it is foremost critical for solving your case. Contact the Private Investigator personally and gauge how they respond to your queries. You might want to read our blog on ,“How to chose a correct Private Investigator”

How do Private Investigators charge?

Most Singapore Private Investigators will charge an hourly rate for surveillance. The range is $100 to $200 per hour depending on the experience and expertise of the Private Investigator. Always be cautious with those agencies whose fees are too good to be true or a money-back guarantee policy. For basic background checks, the charges range from S$1000 to S$3000. Our fees are transparent and don’t have any hidden costs.

How Should I Contact A Private Investigator?

There are several ways you can contact a Private Investigator. At Asia Top Investigation LLP, we have available buttons on every page of our website to click for secured calls or WhatsApp message. Always delete the conversation to avoid detection. If you suspect that your privacy is being compromised, DO NOT use your mobile phone. Use a public phone instead.

Will My Call Be Confidential?

Asia Top Investigation LLP handles all enquiries with absolute confidentiality even if you do not engage our services. Feel free to contact us with your case and we will be able to help you to analyze and provide a few cost-effective options.

What Can I expect from Asia Top Investigation?

Total confidentiality and total commitment are the two most vital promises we can guarantee. With our experienced certified investigators, your case will be in good hands. We will be able to give you a realistic option to solve your case, we provide verbal updates as investigation progress. A written report containing photos or video evidence in a secure format will be provided.

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Alternatively, you can contact Asia Top Investigation LLP at +65-9651-1969 via Phone or WhatsApp or send an email to vt@asiatopinvestigation.com.

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