3 Top Reasons For Hiring A Singapore Private Detective 2020: Asia Top Investigation LLP, Vincent Tan

Hiring a Singapore Private Detective can be challenging and sometimes uncomfortable but if you manage to hire the correct Private Detective it will provide you exceptional help with their expertise to uncover the truth and clear your suspicions. With the truth unrevealed one can make the right decision and move on with life. Read more on ,our blogs3 Most Important Factors In Engaging a Private Investigator” and “Why Hire Asia Top Investigation LLP”.

Singapore Private Detectives generally provide a wide range of services in a professional and discreet manner. The 3 most common reasons for hiring a Singapore Private Detective are:

A. Matrimonial Investigation

Infidelity / Cheating Spouse / Lifestyle Checks / Co-habitation / Child Custody / Premarital Checks / Third-Party Due Diligence.

Matrimonial Investigation in Singapore is not only limited to adultery, but also pre-check on a partner before marriage if one suspects that their partner may be cheating or being untruthful. At Asia Top Investigation LLP we always listen, understand the client’s perspective and advise on the most cost-effective methods to conduct the investigation. We strongly believe that while conducting this kind of investigation, we will not aggravate the matter but find a better solution to preserve the relationship in any possible way.

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B. Scam / Background Investigation / Locating People

Love scam, Financial Scam, Business Scam, Sex Scam, Blackmail Scam, Marriage Scam. Partner Scam, Investment Scam, Dating / Relationship Scam, Threats & Extortion Scam, Get-Rich-Quick Scam.

Most people do not think that they will ever get scammed if they are careful but this is not necessarily the case as scammers are getting more sophisticated. They use the latest technology to locate their target. There are news reports that people being scammed are increasing. Victims usually feel embarrassed to make a police report and worry that they may be put in the limelight. They will often seek help from a Private Investigator to assist them in locating the scammer.

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C. Technological Investigation

Mobile Forensics, SpyWare, GPS Tracker. Electronic Surveillance, Technical Surveillance Counter-Measure ( TSCM ), OSINT Tools, Digital Evidence.

As Technology advances, Private Investigators are upgrading themselves on the latest evidence gathering equipment that is available. For example, if a piece of data is deleted, it can be retrieved by technology. Therefore the knowledge of know-how using technology to uncover the information/evidence is critical when conducting investigations.

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