5 Reasons Why Asia Top Investigation Is The Best Private Investigation Agency

Asia Top Investigation LLP, a respected and renowned Private Investigation Agency based in Singapore. With years of experience, our licensed and professional private investigators are here to help. Our team boasts over a decade of combined experience in law enforcement and private investigation. The bottom line, we’re well-equipped to handle most types of cases that come our way.

Vincent Tan is the founder of Asia Top Investigation LLP, a top P.I. agency in Singapore. In 2011, Vincent Tan was certified as an International investigator by the Council of International Investigators.

Why Asia Top Investigation Is The Best Private Investigation Agency

About Vincent Tan

He started his Private Investigation career with an International Private Investigation Agency under Mr. Lionel Chee (former Assistance Commissioner of Police) and Mr. Daniel A. Grove, who opened the first Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) office at the American Consulate in Hong Kong as well as Mr. Martin Soh, former Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB).

In Asia Top Investigation (ATI), he is joined by Steven Tan who has trained more than 60 private investigators in the art of surveillance and evidence gathering both locally and internationally. Steven has also built a good network of International private investigators.

ATI is a results-driven, cutting-edge, full-service Private Investigation Agency, and over the years, they have built up a solid reputation based on integrity, quality, and experience.

About Asia Top Investigation

As a licensed private investigation agency in Singapore, ATI combines artificial intelligence (A.I.) with 45 years of technical and private investigation experience to provide its clients with a one-stop professional investigation service. ATI also has formed an international network throughout the years and has since taken a systematic approach to its overseas private investigators.

All of ATI’s Private Investigators are well-trained in operating the latest evidence-gathering equipment. With interrogation expertise and their commitment to clients’ privacy, ATI’s clients can rest assured that their case remains absolutely confidential.

To hire a top private investigator in Singapore, one of ATI’s case managers will listen and analyze each case thoroughly to provide the most suitable and cost-effective method to conduct the investigation. Clients will then be updated daily on the progress of the investigation and a detailed report will be submitted upon the conclusion of the investigation.

Why You Should Engage Asia Top Investigation

5 Reasons Why You Should Engage Asia Top Investigation

Best Private Investigation Agency

Competitive Price

Competitive Price Within Our Professional Category Level That Specialises In Matrimonial & Commercial Investigations

Best Private Investigation Agency

High Success Rate

Asia Top Investigation has achieved an industry-leading high success rate in local and overseas private investigations cases. With our worldwide resources and credible databases, we are one of the Top Private Investigation agencies in Asia

Best Private Investigation Agency

Handled More Than 10,000 Cases

Awarded Asia Top Investigator in 2012 with a combined investigation experience of 45 years between the 2 partners.

Best Private Investigation Agency

Highly Trained

Personally trained under Ex-Police Asst. Commissioner, Ex-FBI Agent, Ex-CPIB Officer In 3 types of investigation techniques.

Best Private Investigation Agency

Latest Evidence-Gathering Technology

Asia Top Investigation uses the latest evidence-gathering technology with our trained Investigators in the art of covert operations.


When you hire Asia Top Investigation, you are assured that all our private investigators are licensed by the Singapore Police Force (SPF).

Our investigators are highly trained in the art of surveillance and have developed the skills, knowledge, and experience in this field.

ATI’s founding partners have a combined experience of over 45 years of conducting investigations locally and internationally with a good understanding of the relevant laws that they abided by.

They are equipped with the skills and know-how to find key information efficiently and legally and are well-versed in cultivating sources using OSINT to find information. Most importantly we assured all our clients of absolute confidentiality.

Asia Top Investigation Features

Top 5 Reasons Why Asia Top Investigation Is The Best Private Investigation Agency
Top 5 Reasons Why Asia Top Investigation Is The Best Private Investigation Agency

Asia Top Investigation has also been featured on various media platforms on how we conduct surveillance to gather evidence for our clients. In the process, we have also won various awards as the top private investigator and best matrimonial private investigator in Singapore over the last 30+ years.

If you’re looking for more information on hiring a licensed private investigator in Singapore and have some questions, this Private Investigator FAQ article is a must-read.


If you’re looking for an experienced PI to help solve your case or if you need some advice on an ongoing case, you may contact Asia Top Investigation at vt@asiatopinvestigation.com or WhatsApp us at +65 8820 0007.

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License, No. L/PS/000016/2020

Telephone No. +65 8820 0007 via Phone or WhatsApp call

Email Address: ,,vt@asiatopinvestigation.com

Asia Top Investigation LLP believes in solving your case with the most efficient and cost-effective method. Using Artificial Intelligence( AI ) Technology, and reducing unnecessary investigations to reduce the cost of investigations without compromising the quality of the case.

If you need any private investigation services in Singapore, please contact Private Detective Vincent Tan @ +65 ,8820 0007 or email vt@asiatopinvestigation.com



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