A simple way to erase your data on your old mobile devices, by Private Investigator Steven Tan

A simple way to ensure that your mobile phone important data is erased when you are no longer using it or you are going to trade-in for a new mobile device. Private Investigator Steven Tan explains “Most of us will just do a factory reset thinking that all our important data has been fully deleted.”

The factory reset will only delete about 60 or 70 percent of your mobile data. The remaining data can be retrieved again by using the latest software available online.

It was reported that professional hackers, will buy used mobile devices from shops selling used mobile phones.

A simple way to make sure that the data of your old mobile device has been fully erased. After doing a factory reset, load in some kinds of music, videos, photos, and unimportant files.

Once you have loaded, factory reset your mobile devices again. Private investigator Steven Tan explains that doing this a simple step can override all your original data.

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