Are Singapore Private Investigators taking confidentiality seriously?

Yes, most Singapore Private Investigators do take confidentiality seriously. Before you engage a private investigator you can do simple due diligence by going through their website to look out for the following

If you notice there is write up or some video on their past cases using as a case study even the client’s name is not mentioned.

Some Singapore Private Detectives give press interviews, during the interview if the private investigator reveals on past cases.

When you are having a meeting, the private investigator mentions his past cases in detail.

As a professional private investigator, we believe that it’s not right, especially for matrimonial/ personal cases. As this will be very unfair to the ex-clients and open up their old wound.

Many years ago there is a book published by a leading private investigator on his past cases, in the book it gives details on his past cases and how he solved it. It might be interesting to read but we believe that its unfair to his ex-clients.

We believe that confidentiality is central to be the preservation of trust between an investigator and their client. Asia Top Investigation LLP believes when the client reveals sensitive information about their personal lives, we must promise to keep it confidential and remain resolute to that promise.

The most common justification for disclosing confidential information is to obtain written or verbal consent from clients.

If you experienced confidentiality breaches please seek advice from your trusted attorney.

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