Background Investigations by Private Detective Vincent Tan ( Awarded Asia Top Investigator In 2012)

Singapore Private Investigators perform background checks for an employer to verify that the potential candidate is who he/ she claims to be. It ensures that the candidates are reliable, trustworthy, employment history and good conduct. Singapore Private detectives conduct background checks for corporate as well as personal clients. Performing background checks on applicants and employees is an effective way to discover potential issues that could affect the client’s business.

Different background checks can be customized for the client’s needs. There is a growing demand for executive background checks in Asia. To conduct background checks on senior executives in Asia, a private investigator needs to have a good network of private investigators in the Asia region. Senior executives often have a diverse background and have been working across Asia. The use of artificial intelligence and the growth of companies is changing the innovative ways of conducting background checks. Artificial intelligence (AI )

will allow a deeper dive into people’s pasts.

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To conduct detail background checks require a private investigator on the ground, and in some cases, surveillance is recommended.

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