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Best Adultery Investigators |  Asia Top Investigation | Vincent Tan


In Asia Top Investigation, uncovers evidence of adultery much more frequently than a case of bigamy in Singapore. Physical Surveillance of suspected spouses is required to obtain evidence of adultery. Some affairs take place overseas when Private Investigator networking is extremely helpful.

Well train Private Investigator

As an investigator conducting an adultery investigation, he/she must keep an open mind. For example, A person having coffee or a meal with the opposite sex does not automatically mean that they are having an affair.

Private Investigators must be trained and experienced to observe how parties act towards each other. Holding a hand, hugging, kissing is not enough to use as grounds for divorce to be sued for adultery.

Although this is important evidence a private investigator needs to determine if the subjects have privacy and the time to commit the act of Adultery. For example, the couple went into a private area such as a hotel, motel, or residence and stayed for a reasonable period.

A well-trained private investigator should have the skills to capture the critical evidence of physical relationships which includes the subjects holding hands, kissing, sharing food, etc. Time of the parties entering and exiting the building supported by photograph or video is Important.

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