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Asia Top Investigation LLP is an established and reputable police licensed Private Investigation company in Singapore. With years of experience, our licensed and professional team boasts over a decade of combined experience in law enforcement and private investigation, which has over the years been awarded many accolades. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights for this year!

1) #1 on 12 Best Private Investigator That You Can Hire in Singapore by Singapore Business Owner (SBO)

Private Investigator

SBO goes on to say:

“Asia Top Investigation LLP is a results-driven, cutting-edge, full-service Private Investigation Agency, and over the years, they have built up a ,solid reputation based on integrity, quality, and experience.

Asia Top Investigation is helmed by ,Vincent Tan who is a certified International private Investigator by the Council of International Investigators in 2011. He was awarded Asia Top Investigator by the American Biographical Institute in May 2012. This accolade recognizes Vincent Tan’s expertise in handling sophisticated ,Matrimonial Investigations. Over the span of his 25 years in the private investigation field, he has solved thousands of cases, including several high-profile cases, giving his clients peace of mind.”

2) #1 on The 10 Best Private Investigators in Singapore

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BestinSingapore says:

“Asia Top Investigation is a prominent private investigation firm that’s been featured on numerous news channels and publications like NBC, FOX, CBS, The Strait Times, and The Times — which says a lot about the quality of its services.

Right off the bat, we’re quite impressed with how large its investigation team is. Asia Top Investigation employs more than 60 certified private investigators, so expect that there will be no shortage of detectives who can accept your case.”

3) Featured under 5 Best Private Investigators in Singapore

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The Best in Singapore says:

“With over a decade of experience, Asia Top Investigation is one of the most reputed private investigation agencies in Singapore. They have a team of certified and professional private investigators with knowledge in external law enforcement agencies. Asia Top can efficiently engage modern technology such as artificial intelligence to deliver you with the best or nothing!”

4) Bark Certificate of Excellence

Private Investigator

5) Trusted and Verified by Traffv

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Traffv says:

“Traffv has reviewed this website as part of our verification program, and has determined that it meets our standards for trust and credibility!”

If you’re looking for an experienced PI that to help solve your case or if you need some advice on an ongoing case, you may contact Asia Top Investigation at or WhatsApp us at +65 9651 1969.

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License, No. L/PS/000016/2020

Telephone No. +65 96511969 via Phone or WhatsApp call

Email Address: ,,



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