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Digital Forensics (DF) is conducted by Private Investigators to recover evidence that can be found in digital devices often in commercial cases and computer crimes. Digital Forensics covers all kinds of devices that are capable of storing digital data. Some Singapore Private Investigators are specialized in Data Recovery for clients who suspect their employees who may be involved in unauthorized deals, corporate espionage, fraud, misconduct, information leakage, bribery, or IP theft.

Technology Investigation

As technology advances so rapidly Private Investigators must constantly upgrade themselves with the latest technology available on digital devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and computers. The technique of using this technology can help to uncover the evidence more efficiently. For example, conducting computer forensics on a suspect’s computer can recover past activities and deleted emails and messages. As smartphones are widely used, a trained Private Investigator can perform a technique call cell phone forensics. Smartphone devices are the best sources of information to gather for many types of investigation. The information you will be able to retrieve includes deleted messages, photos, call records, contact lists, etc. Of course, this can only be done within the legal parameter. It is crucial that the digital evidence uncovers must be transferred and protected in a hard drive.

Spy Phone And Computer Surveillance

Nowadays Spy Phone software is easily available online if you should want to purchase a spy phone. It has become very common and easy to install spying apps into a mobile device. Computer Surveillance is conducted to monitor employees for any trade secrets or kicks back by their employer. This type of surveillance can detect any illegal activities without alerting the culprit. Please take note that it is illegal to install any spy monitoring software into someone’s mobile device without consent.

Singapore Private Detective

In Singapore, it is very important to select the right Private Investigation Agency. You must select diligently one with the skills, expertise, and experience to investigate your case. The Private Detective must able to gather the evidence correctly and know the legal parameters to avoid any legality issues. If done correctly the evidence gathered by the Private Detective will make a great difference to you. It is vital to make sure that the Private Detective Agency is Licensed. All Singapore Private Investigation Agencies must be licensed by the Police Licensing & Regulatory Department ( PLRD ) located at Police Cantonment Complex, 393 New Bridge Road. Singapore 088763.

Singapore Investigator/ Top Singapore Investigator

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