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With 25 years of Private Investigator experience, Private Investigator Vincent Tan will understand your problem. He will try his best to solve your sensitive and difficult problem, big or small, and provide you with a solution or how best to move on.

At ,Asia Top Investigation LLP, Private Investigator Vincent Tan believes in providing a solution in a discreet and confidential approach. He will gather the information or evidence for clients to make a better judgment on their case.

Vincent Tan, with his 25 years of private Investigation experience, knowledge, and expertise, is equipped with the latest available evidence gathering equipment and will be able to assist clients’ problems. He will be able to gather evidence that will be legally binding to build up the facts and evidence for a strong case in court. This will help the court make a better decision. Asia Top Investigation LLP will conduct the investigation on Uncovering the Truth, Spousal Infidelity, Background Checks, Identifying a Thief, Child Custody Evidence, Conned by Scammer/Friends, Cheated for Love or Love Scams, Cheated for Money, Blackmailed by Lover/Friends, Threatened by Someone, Being Video Recorded without permission, Counter Surveillance, Money Scam, Gambling Addiction of Family Member/Spouse, Physically Abused, Harassment and many others.

Most importantly, the Investigation will be conducted discreetly without jeopardizing the case or alerting the subject.

,Private Investigator Vincent Tan will first understand the full detail of your case and advice you. He will provide you a step by step strategic plan that offers you a realistic view on your case, this will give you a definitive solution.

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