Cost For Conducting A Surveillance In Singapore By Private Investigator. Asia Top Investigation LLP

Cost is one of the most important factors for potential clients to know before engaging a private investigator in Singapore. Surveillance is one of the most useful methods for gathering evidence. It provides a legal way to obtain evidence that can be used in the court of law. Asia Top Investigation LLP acknowledges this and that is why our cost is transparent to all our clients.

For example, to conduct surveillance on a target, our charges are fixed at S$1,500 per day based on 10 hours on a weekday. All our surveillance operatives are experienced and well trained in the art of surveillance. They have the expertise and skill in handling surveillance equipment. In certain cases, we offer 5 days surveillance package at S$5,000. This surveillance, with the aid of an Artificial Intelligent (AI) tracking device, can assist in tracking a target accurately, cutting down on manpower. Using this method not only saves money but also effective in the gathering of evidence without alarming the target. This package is only suitable for certain cases.

All Private Investigators and Private Investigation Agencies must be licensed by the Singapore Police Force (SPF)

You can GOOGLE and select one of the Licensed Private Investigations Agencies;

i) 7 SPF-Approved, Best Private Investigators in Singapore



ii) The Best 10 Private Investigators in Singapore


It is advisable to contact a few Private Investigation Agencies before you engage one with whom you are comfortable with.

You can also contact Private Investigator Vincent Tan @+65-9651-1969 or email

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