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Employee Investigation and Business Partner Investigation are conducted when the Employer and the other Business Partner suspect or received information that the former has been involved in some kind of wrongdoing. As an employer or business partner, you want to make sure that your employee or business partner is doing their job accordingly and not performing some bad deeds that will harm the company. It is important to note that when the information was received from a whistler blower, only discuss the matter with trustworthy people. For example, if you received any information or you suspect that your employee or business partner is providing information to your competitors or receiving a kickback you might need to seek help from a Private Investigator.

Investigation Kickbacks Or Selling Information to Competitor

Private Investigator can help you to analyze your case and provide you with a suitable investigative service option. The three most commonly used methods to gather evidence on employees/business partners receiving kickbacks or selling information to competitors are to conduct physical surveillance with the aid of a powerful audio evidence recorder, electronic surveillance, and conduct computer forensics. Some Private Investigators will recommend starting off the investigation by conducting a lifestyle check on the employee/business partner and conduct an online search to gather information and investigation data. This is especially true for those who are in some financial problem and still living in a high society lifestyle. Whatever investigation option clients decide to conduct, Private Investigators must protect the client’s privacy. This should be the top priority concern for all clients and Private Investigation Agencies.

The Information Or Evidence Needed

As a Private Investigator, we will listen and analyze your case and work on the best cost-effective option to provide you with the information and evidence needed. We always advise and plan our investigation to gather the evidence most efficiently, focusing on your needs. Once evidence is obtained, we will materialize all information in a report with a video and/or photos for you to take appropriate action.

Private & Confidential

Asia Top Investigation LLP guarantee absolute privacy and confidentiality to all our clients at all time. For more information, you can contact us at +65-9651-1969 via phone or WhatsApp. You might also visit our website at www.singaporeprivateinvestigator.net

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