Fingerprint Analysis by Private Investigator Vincent Tan (Asia Top Investigation LLP)

Fingerprint analysis has been used to solve crime since the 1900s. Till today it remains an extremely important tool for law enforcement and private investigators. We leave a trail of our fingerprints on everything we touch. Everything we touch, our unique signature is left behind. that is because no two people have exactly the same fingerprints.

A private investigator can assist clients to identify or eliminate the suspect.

1) Clients receive poison letters or blackmailing letters.

2) Someone took away valuable in the client’s safe box, drawer, or property.

3) The client suspects someone accessed his computer secretly.

A private investigator can help the client to identify or eliminate the suspect by examining the items. When a private investigator performed a fingerprint analyzing clients need to have one or more suspects in order to match their fingerprints.

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