Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Private Investigation I Asia Top Investigator, Vincent Tan.

Vincent Tan from Asia Top Investigation LLP has been in the Private Investigation Industry for 25 Years. He has been conducting personal and commercial cases both in Singapore and Overseas. Today he will list down the most frequently asked questions by potential clients:

Is Your Private Investigation Agency licensed?

Yes, Asia Top Investigation LLP is licensed by the Police Licensing & Regulatory
Department (PLRD).
You can visit our website and our Private Investigation Licence number
L/PS/000016/2020 is on display. You can also visit the website of Private Investigation Agency License at, ,Police Licensing & Regulatory Department (PLRD) for more information.

What if the person you are investigating is known to you or your investigators?

In our business, Confidentiality is of the utmost importance to our reputation. Before we undertake a case, a conflict check will carry out. Should there be a conflict of interest, we will decline the case and we can assure that any information received will not be disclosed and is strictly protected.

What are your charges?

Leading Private Investigator Vincent Tan of Asia Top Investigation LLP will listen and analyze your case and provide you with a number of cost-effective options. Our main objective is to solve your case with the best options before we can give a quote. Basically, our rate for surveillance starts from S$150 per manhour and basic background checks rate ranges from S$500 to S$3000.

What Types Of Devices Does Your Private Investigator Use?

There are many types of devices a Private Investigator can use. As technology advances, each Private Investigator uses different types of devices to help them gather evidence more efficiently and help clients to save costs. This is a trade secret that most Private Investigators will not disclose. However, we can say that the most commonly used devices by Private investigators in Singapore are GPS Tracker and Night Vision Camera. At Asia Top Investigation LLP, we use the most advanced technology Tracking and Evidence Gathering Devices. For example, our recording device is capable of recording a conversation 8 to 10 feet away and our GPS Tracker can pinpoint the target location even inside a building locally and overseas.

Do You Guarantee Results?

In the Investigation Industry, every licensed Private Investigator knows that it is not possible to guarantee the result. After conducting the investigation, clients will be provided with a full detailed report on the case even for negative results. At Asia Top Investigation, we are trained to find the required evidence with the help of our evidence gathering equipment.

Can You Testify In Court?

Yes, we are able to testify in court as a witness. You can read more on our Top Private Investigator blog on testifying in Court.

If you have further questions you can contact Vincent Tan at +65-9651-1969 via phone or WhatsApp.

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