Gambling Addiction Investigation by Private Investigators of Asia Top Investigation LLP, Vincent Tan

How can you help if your loved one has gambling problems? Confronting your loved one, friend or business partner on gambling habits can be challenging. Gambling can destroy them financially and can lead to marital breakdowns because of the total breach of trust.

There is some obvious sign of a gambling addict. They will lie to family members, relatives, and friends even on small matters. Money or valuable items went missing in the house, unpaid bills/disconnection notices, borrowing money frequently, money missing from joint account, illegal money lender at your doorstep and feeling depressed, frustrated, agitated most of the time.

Most gambling addicts get defensive when confronted with their behavior. Sometime they will threaten suicide to get more money to fix their gambling addiction. Private Investigator, Vincent Tan says before you confront a gambling addict you must get more information.

Information on his gambling venues, gambling habits, any illegal syndicate involved, any gambling partners, any legal or illegal money he borrowed, and how much he has lost. A gambler will never tell you the truth and you have the right to stop your loved one from distractive behavior when your relationship might be threatened.

You can Google and select one of those trained private investigators from the website of 7 SPF-Approved Best Private Investigators in Singapore or The Best 10 Private Investigator in Singapore and select the one you are most comfortable with.

A well trained private investigator will be able to identify his gambling habits including any gambling partners who have been influencing him. After the investigation, you will be in a better position to communicate more effectively in an open and honest manner. Thereafter you can take some action like applying for a Casino Exclusion order online and consider engaging a professional counselor. You can also contact the National Gambling Helpline at 1800-6668-668.

Private Investigator, Vincent Tan recommends watching a YouTube video ” Mark Lee’s Real Life Story’ on gambling addiction.

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