GPS Tracking Devices used by Singapore Private Investigators. By Private Detective Steven Tan (ATI)

Covert GPS Tracking Devices are used to monitor the movement and log travel activities of targetted individuals, vehicles and almost any physical items. Place these GPS Tracking Devices to determine the estimated location of your target. Private Investigator Steven Tan

has been experiencing all kinds of tracking devices available.

There are currently around 1000 different models of GPS tracking products available in the market. However, some of these tracking devices have reliability issues and could not pinpoint the exact location especially inside a building or in an underground car park. The Majority of these GPS tracking devices may not work overseas due to the GSM settings that are unavailable in certain countries’ network connections.

Asia Top Investigation LLP uses cutting edge GPS tracking technology which can determine the accurate location (within 50m) of your target even inside a building as well as an underground car park. Our advanced GPS Tracker is able to track the target location even when he/she travels oversea.

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