Hire A Correct Singapore Private Investigator or Detective by Asia Top Investigator, Vincent Tan

Hiring a Singapore Private Investigator (PI) or Private Detective is not an easy task. Most potential clients are unsure of how to engage a correct Private Investigator (PI).

Singapore private investigator (PI) must not be like a salesman using hard-sell tactics. They should listen to the background of the client’s case, analyze the case and advise the potential clients how they can assist them with their expertise. The Private Investigator must not discourage clients to call other private investigation agencies to compare costs. They should advise clients to contact a few other Private Investigators, talk to them and engage the one they feel most comfortable with.

Before calling, be clear about what kind of private investigative work you want the Private Investigator (PI) to do. To help potential clients to find a correct ,Licensed Singapore Private Investigator (PI) we provide you with a checklist, to begin with:

1. Conduct your own initial research by calling a few Singapore Private Investigation Agencies. You can Google and select one of these Licensed Singapore Private Investigators from the website of 7 SPF-Approved Best Private Investigators in Singapore or The Best 10 Private Investigators in Singapore;

2. Talk to the Private Investigator (PI) who have the right skills, expertise and the tools to handle your case;

3. Make sure your Private investigator (PI) is licensed by the Singapore Police Force (SPF);

4. Ask about his experience, track records and his working duration as a Private Investigator;

5. Check on the private investigation agency website on the confidentiality policy. You can also read Asia Top Investigation blogs on “Is Your Private Investigator Taking Confidentiality Seriously” for better understanding;

6. When you call the Private Investigator, are they difficult to reach or are they slow to respond? Did the private Investigator avoid some of your questions? If yes, you might want to reconsider and contact other Private Investigators;

7. Discuss the cost, payment details, and duration of the investigation; and

8. Meet up with the Private Investigator in person and ask as many questions as you can, if the Private Investigator is negative in their answers, you might want to reconsider about appointing him.

Once you have decided to engage the Private Investigator, have confidence in them and be patient for the result. A good responsible Private Investigator will update you on the progress of the case regularly.

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