In Singapore, hiring a Private Investigator can prove to be a challenge. When you search online there are several Private Investigation Agencies listed that advertise on their expertise.

Engaging a correct Private Investigator can be a great relief to you or your organization. You may wish to visit our Private Investigator Blog to read about ,“Hire A Correct Singapore Private Investigator” or “Why Hire Asia Top Investigation LLP”,.

Before engaging a Private Investigation Agency it might be a good practice to conduct simple due diligence. You can conduct these checks by going through their website or have a telephone conversation with the Private Investigator personally or make a visit to their office. A good Private Investigator should have many years of Private Investigation experience and possessed the expertise in handling your case. It is very important that the Private Investigation Agency possessed a valid license to operate as it is illegal to operate without a license in Singapore. Ensure that the Licence Number is clearly displayed on the website. Check on their website if they post any pictures or videos of their past cases as an advertisement or as case studies. Reliable Private Investigation Agency should protect clients’ privacy and keep all their information absolutely confidential. Understand the type of equipment or devices that Private Investigators are using. They should invest in high-quality surveillance equipment with the latest technology. Cost is another important factor to consider. Make sure the fees agreed upon are written in the agreement with all the terms spelled out specifically to ensure no hidden costs. Meeting up with the Private Investigator will enable you to gauge their personalities and learn more about their expertise. Look-out if they are overselling their services with guaranteed results.

If you are looking to engage a licensed Private Investigation Agency with many years of Private Investigation experience and expertise with international networks utilizing the latest cost-cutting edge technology, you can contact Asia Top Investigation LLP at +65-9651-1969 via Phone or WhatsApp. We provide strategic insight into our investigation methods using the latest devices so clients can clearly understand and feel at ease.

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You are advised to call a few private investigation agencies and gauge their experience and expertise before engaging their services.




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