How Artificial Intelligence Can Assist Private Investigators. By Private investigator of A.T.I.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is sometimes referred to as Machine Intelligence. AI has the ability to replace human intelligence and improve the human lifestyle in many ways. Private investigators are using Artificial intelligence to assist them in solving cases.

AI system can help to process big data rapidly, reducing the amount of time the private investigators would take manually combing through the data. This helps to speed up the investigation, saving potential clients time and money. Internet-connecting tools that utilize artificial intelligent help private investigators increase the sucess rate of their cases.

Private Investigator Vincent Tan says most importantly, it helps to verify the evidence accurately and discover more critical data.

An example of Artificial Intelligence is a Global Position System (GPS) tracking device. A GPS tracking device utilizes the Artificial Intelligence system to works dynamically and can record everything inside a vehicle when it detects movement or sound.

The tracking device is equipped with a smart alert and informs you of the last location when the vehicle enters into a building or underground. Private Investigator Vincent Tan added that it can also be programmed to flight mode automatically when it detects a target boarding a plane. Once the target landed in a particular country, it will automatically connect to the GPS and GMS signal again.

The artificial intelligence system has been assisting investigators around the world using face recognition, fingerprint identification, and cybersecurity detection.

In today’s internet environment Artificial Intelligence tool plays a vital part in assisting Private Investigators conducting investigations but human intelligence will still be in the driver’s seat when it comes to fraud detection.

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