How Singapore Private Investigators conduct Surveillance? Asia Top Investigation

How Singapore Private Investigators conduct  Surveillance?  Asia Top Investigation

Singapore private investigators generally conduct information gathering through Surveillance, as it is a legal and effective method to obtain information for clients.

To conduct effective Surveillance highly depends on these 3 main factors:

1) Experience of investigators

All Surveillance operatives must be trained in Surveillance and counter-surveillance skillset. Surveillance operatives need to be skilful in tracking technique using the foot, mobile and other forms of surveillance in accordance with Singapore Laws. They must know to read the situation and deploy their operatives in the correct position, which comes with experience in doing surveillance. These professional private investigators must also be aware of the law of trespassing on private property. With this in mind, Surveillance operatives will be able to conduct the surveillance effectively and efficiently without breaking any laws.

2) Evidence Gathering Methodology

Evidence gathering equipment must be constantly updated and surveillance operatives must be well trained to operate them. Operatives must be aware that certain equipment is not allowed to be used, depending on the country they are operating. If the equipment is allowed, these operatives must understand the limitations and full functions to effectively use it in the right situation for evidence gathering. Failing to do so might result in poor quality evidence or worse, getting exposed while using the equipment (e.g. camera flash).

3) Findings Report

Surveillance is the art of observation and a detail written report attached with video recording and photographic evidence must be documented correctly. This is to ensure that if you are using the evidence in court, it will comply with the legal standard in order for the evidence to be submitted and you or your legal team can make your case using the private investigator’s report.

Award-winning PI Agency in Singapore, Asia Top Investigation utilise the latest equipment to conduct surveillance and gatherer evidence. All our team of professional PIs are trained in the art of surveillance by Mr Steven Tan who has trained at least 60 private investigators in Singapore and overseas fully licensed and always work within the legal parameters.

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