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Before you decide to be a Singapore Private Investigator, you must be prepared to work long and irregular hours as the life of a Private Investigator PI is unpredictable. The basic requirement under the Singapore Law to be a Private Investigator in Singapore is to pass a course conducted by the Workforce Skills Qualification (WSQ) “Perform Investigation Activities in Compliance with Legal Requirements (PI)” course. You can read more about it at “How I Become A Licensed Private Investigator in 6 days for just S$62in the New Paper article. This course is only available for Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents who have no Criminal Record and is not an undischarged bankrupt. You can read more on the Singapore Police Force SPF website.

At Asia Top Investigation LLP, we select potential Senior Private Investigators who have at least 3 years of Law enforcement or Private Investigator experience. He must also be trained in research and gathering information, field surveillance, investigative skills, and knowledge in the latest evidence-gathering equipment. Other qualities include passion, strong interest, and determination to succeed. The top priority is to understand the value of maintaining the Client’s Confidentiality.

For those who are just starting out after passing the ,Singapore Police Force, SP,F approved course, we will employ them as trainee investigators. We will monitor them for 6 months, and identify their potential. Thereafter, they will be attached to the job where they show the most potential. For example, the Surveillance team or Investigation team. All trainee Private Investigators will not be handling any cases alone and will be under the supervision of a senior Private Investigator.

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