How To Conduct Background Investigation On Third-Party By Singapore Top Matrimonial Investigator

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result” a quote by ,Sun Tze,. Most breakdown of marriages is due to a third party involvement. If you wish to save your marriage in such situation, background check on this third person is important to save your marriage.

Background Investigation of a person or company can be for many reasons. During the last two years, there is a rise in background investigation on matrimonial cases. A background investigation of the third party or co-subject as we often referred to. Private Investigator, Vincent Tan from Asia Top Investigation LLP says that most clients who conduct background investigations on the co-subject want to give their marriage a second chance.

Clients want to have more information on the co-subject before deciding their next course of action. Information like if he/she is single, married, or divorced, does he/she has any child/children, his/her lifestyle, duration of their relationship, his/her financial status, employment status, etc. With such information, the clients are in a better position to determine the reason for such a relationship and will be able to decide on the right move without regrets later.

Private Investigator, Vincent Tan explains that to gather information on the co-subject must be done in a very discreet manner as it might backfire if the co-subject finds out. To gather this information, Private Investigators will conduct surveillance and social media checks on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other media platform. To successfully conclude the background investigation, the ,Private Investigators must have the expertise and experience to analyze the information gathered and give realistic options.

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