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In Taiwan, according to Article 239 of Taiwan’s Criminal Code “A married person who commits adultery with another shall be sentenced to imprisonment for more than one year; the other party to the adultery shall be subject to the same punishment.” But in most cases, the sentence can be commuted to a fine of NT$ 900 per Day of jail Time. You can read more on ,Taiwan await the lastest constitutional interpretation of its adultery law or contact your Taiwan lawyer for legal advice.

It was reported in the Taipei Times that; “,Police and Private Detectives getting too close for comfort,”. It is advisable to get some referrals from your trusted friends or business associates when you need to conduct a personal investigation in Taiwan. There are a number of “Private Investigators” in Taiwan when you search on ,GOOGLE.

Steven Tan and Vincent Tan have assisted several clients to obtain Adultery Evidence in Taiwan. Most of their client’s partners committed adultery while on holiday or business trips in Taiwan. They have a wide network of Private Investigators in Taiwan and they take clients’ confidentiality seriously. They focus on the clients’ investigation objective and protect clients’ privacy and ensuring that the investigation is done in compliance with the law.

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Asia Top Investigation LLP will be happy to assist you with your needs, with more than 20 years of experience we are confident to give you honest and open advice. We believe the first step in solving a case is to have a good and understanding of rapport with you.

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