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Asia Top Investigation How to find a reliable PI Agency

Let’s face it, finding a reliable private investigation agency is tough. You are already going through something difficult and are looking for help. The last thing you would want is to deal with an incompetent agency with weak evidence and plenty of excuses.

In this article, we’ve shortlisted some simple guidelines for you to consider before engaging with a professional PI agency.

1. SPF Licensed

Asia Top Investigation How to find a reliable PI Agency

All private investigation agencies in Singapore are required by law to be licensed by the Singapore Police Force (SPF). A Private Investigation Agency’s licence is required if your company is involved in any of the following:

a. Engage in the business of supplying, for reward, the services of private investigators to other persons; or

b. Advertise, or in any way hold out, that the person supplies for reward, or is willing to supply for reward, the services of private investigators.

2. Customer Reviews

Asia Top Investigation How to find a reliable PI Agency

When hiring a professional PI Agency, you would want to make sure that the PIs have enough exposure and experience in terms of getting the job done. One of the best ways to ensure your case is in good hands is by reading their online reviews on third-party, unbiased reviews like Google Reviews.

3. Knowledge & Relevance

Asia Top Investigation How to find a reliable PI Agency

When finding a suitable PI agency, make sure to check out article mentions about this firm as well as resources on relevant topics. This is to ensure that your PI agency is knowledgable and relevant. Other ways to affirm that the private investigation agency is accredited, they could be associated with prestigious international PI groups such as the ,,World Association of Professional Investigators and the World Associate of Detectives, Inc.

Of course, there’s more to these guidelines to find the right PI agency to work with on your case. But as a general guideline, when meeting your PI for the first time, he or she should understand your objective of the case, present solutions and fact-finding methodology to help with your case, and most importantly make your feel comfortable.

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