How To Gather Adultery Evidence Yourself By Vincent Tan Singapore Police Force Approved Pte Eye.

Suspecting your partner is having an affair can be heartbreaking and disturbing. You will constantly be dwelling on your partner’s infidelity which will make you feel emotionally upset. You may consider engaging a Private Investigator to confirm your suspicions and gather the infidelity evidence or you may gather the adultery evidence yourself. The fee to engage a licensed Singapore Private Investigator to conduct a 5-day surveillance can range from S$5,000 to S$10,000. In Singapore, adultery may be considered as a fact to prove irretrievable breakdown of a marriage for divorces under the Singapore Woman’s Charter Act.

Private Investigator, Vincent Tan from Asia Top Investigation LLP explains that using the latest technology “Artificial Intelligent Evidence-Gathering Devices” can help clients to gather the evidence in a cost-effective method and confirm or clear their suspicions. The cost of using our “Artificial Intelligent Evidence-Gathering Devices” together with the expertise of our Private Investigators ranges from S$2,000 to S$4,000 for a 5-day surveillance. The advantage of using this method also cuts down the risk of being detected while conducting physical surveillance.

One may wonder if the evidence we gathered from using these devices can be used and hold up in court. For this reason, we would like to ensure that the evidence gathered by us is within the law parameter and our ,SPF-Licensed Approved, ,Private Investigators always make sure that it is done correctly. They will stand as a witness in court when necessary with the digital video evidence, digital audio evidence, physical evidence, and documentary evidence obtained.

At Asia Top Investigation LLP, we believe that knowledge is the power in any investigation. We always upgrade our devices and equipment in line with the latest technology. When we take in a case, we will listen to understand and make a cost-effective proposal to gather the evidence for our clients. You can read more matrimonial cases articles on our blogs, @ Asia Top Investigator Blog.

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Before you engage a Private Investigator, consult with them about their cost, and gauge their expertise and experience. You are advised to call a few Private Investigators licensed by the Singapore Police Force (SPF). Alternatively, you can contact Asia Top Investigation LLP and speak to Private Investigator, Vincent Tan at +65-9651-1969 via phone or WhatsApp.

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