How To Protect Your Conversation Being Secretly Recorded.SPF-Approved Licensed Private Investigators

As we enter into the digital transformation era, to record a conversation secretly is too easy even for people who are not trained. There is no technological way to stop someone from secretly recording our private conversation. With advancing technology, a spy listening device can be concealed into our daily used item. For example, power banks, clocks, watches, shoes, wallets, bags, cups, items of clothing, USB, fans, lightings, pens, books, and many more. All smartphones have a function to record conversations secretly without detection especially loaded with a stealth mode recorder. It is terrifying to know that if someone is recording your confidential conversation secretly and use it against you later.

Fortunately, with advanced technology, you can make the recording unintelligible and useless. They are some equipment used by professional Private Investigators to provide countermeasures to clients who suspect that their conversation might be recorded. This equipment can be found online and it is costly and inconvenient to set up but it is an effective way to protect your confidential group conversation. Most of this equipment is used by big corporations and governments around the world to prevent any important conversation being recorded. This equipment will make all the recording useless and unintelligible.

At Asia Top Investigation LLP, we recommend the use of a “speech masking” sound for personal countermeasure during a 2-person’s conversation. This “speech masking” sound has been tested and proven to be an effective way to make the recording useless and unintelligible. Private Investigator, Vincent Tan says that “speech masking” sound can be loaded into your smartphone. When you are about to have an important conversation, you just need to switch on the “speech masking” sound on your mobile phone. It is very convenient and cost-effective (less than a hundred dollars).

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You are advised to call a few Private Investigator Agencies to gauge their experience and expertise before engaging them. Alternatively, you may wish to contact Asia Top Investigation LLP for more information on how to upload the “SPEECH MASKING” sound into your mobile devices at +65-9651-1969 via phone or WhatsApp.

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