Is my phone been bugged or tracked? by Private Investigator Vincent Tan, Asia Top Investigation LLP.

Many months ago a friend from China told me that his colleague told him that she suspects that her phone has been bugged. It happens after she loans her phone to an acquaintance.

Her phone was not password protected at that time as she found it very inconvenient to key in a password.

Soon after, she started seeing photos of herself in some posting on the internet and realize that some of her private conversations are known to others. Those photo shoots of her were taken by her own phone front camera. the front camera randomly turns on and took a picture.

My friend asked me if it’s possible to install spyware in such a short duration and how to avoid it.

Yes, it’s possible as there’s some very powerful spy software available for spying on mobile devices. To avoid your mobile devices been bugged, you have to make sure your mobile devices are protected by strong passwords. Never load your mobile devices to anyone except people you trust. Buy your mobile devices from trusted vendors. Update your mobile devices regularly. never click on suspicious links and avoid downloading illegal software.

There are several tell-tale signs that suggest your mobile devices is begin bugged, tracked, or monitored in some way. Look out for any LED light next to your camera especially when you are not using it. Feel your mobile devices and if the device feels warm even when you haven’t used it. You can also look for software on your device that you never installed. If you notice that your devices are chewing more battery life or your data usage is super high.

Those symptoms are just a few noticeable signs.

If you detect the above signs of spying, consider sending your mobile device to a professional private investigator who is trained to detect phone spying.

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