Is Your Debtor Avoiding You? Private Investigator Vincent Talks About How You Can Recover Your Money

Debt Evasion is intentional in the act of trying to avoid payment. The first sign that a debtor is avoiding you is by avoiding your calls. If you are experiencing this, do not waste any time. Private Investigator, Vincent Tan says when your is debtor trying to avoid you or your calls it is a clear ,“Red Flag”

If your debtor is a friend, relative, or long time business associate its advisable to pay the debtor a visit in his house or office to understand the situation first. If the debtor is not present or avoiding you, you must make your intention “CLEAR” to the family members or office staff by leaving your contact number with them. You must also inform them that the debtor has up to 24 hours to contact you.

After the deadline, you have to act fast in order to recover your money. If your loan to the debtor is S$20,000 or less you can file a claim with the ,Small Claims Tribunal, website. The website provides step by step instructions and the documents needed. You do not need a lawyer to file a claim at the Small Claims Tribunals unless you need to seek their advice.

Unfortunately, you cannot go to the, Singapore Police Force SPF to report that someone owes you money unless its a criminal case. Please check with your lawyer for legal advice.

If your loan is a large amount it is advisable to seek professional help.

A well trained Private Investigator can help to increase the chances of recovering your debt.

They will conduct background checks on the debtor and gather information in a discreet manner. Information such as the debtor’s financial status, if the debtor planning to leave the country, or is the debtor trying to dispose of his assets, any assets he owned, and if the debtor avoiding other creditors and his latest address.

With this information, you can make a better decision and provide the information to your ,debt recovery lawyer to act fast to recover your money. Your lawyer might get a Court Judgement for your debt and enforce the judgment if the debtor still does not pay up. Please seek legal advice from your lawyer.

Alternatively, you can consider engaging ,the best debt collector company in Singapore to recover your money. You can do your own ,research about debt collection agencies in Singapore.

You can, GOOGLE and search for keywords such as ,Top Investigator Vincent Tan, ,Asia Top Investigator, ,Private Detective Steven Tan, ,Asia Top Private Investigator for a Private investigator that suits your needs. You are advised to call a few Private Investigation Agencies and gauge their expertise in handling your case before engaging their services.

There are 2 websites of ,SPF licensed Private Investigation Agencies you might want to visit;

,i) 7 SPF-Approved, Best Private Investigators in Singapore or;

,ii) The Best 10 Private Investigators in Singapore

For more information, you can contact Asia Top Investigation LLP @ +65 9651-1969 or email

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