Malaysia Private Investigator by Private Detective Steven Tan (Asia Top Investigation LLP)

A private investigation agency in Malaysia is issued a license under the Private Agencies Act 1971 under the purview of the Ministry of Home Affairs. There is 2 section under the Act.

1) providing guards and protection for personal safety and security of another person or for the safety and security of the property or business of such other persons;


2) obtaining and furnishing information as to conduct, activities or affairs of another person;

Malaysia’s private investigator’s license falls under (2). there are some private investigators operate without a license or using the pretext of a consultancy. Licensed private investigators are important if you need the private investigator to stand as a witness. Using an unlicensed Malaysia private investigators might be risky as they are not bound by laws.

There are some leading private investigation agencies in Malaysia that provide Private investigation into;

1) Adultery or Infidelity investigation

2) Background Checks / Due diligence

3) Bankruptcy Due diligence checks

4) Business Intelligence

5) Computer Forensic

6) Trademark and Copyright infringement

7) Employee Theft

8) General Surveillance

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