Mobile Phone Forensics By Leading Asia Top Private Investigator, Vincent Tan (Awarded in 2012)……

All mobile phones leave traces of messages that have been deleted. To uncover these deleted data/messages and digital evidence from a mobile device is a challenging task for Private Investigators. Experienced and trained Private Investigators can uncover the information from the mobile phone which was deleted intentionally or being damaged. To retrieve the deleted information it must be done correctly, and it is vital to hire a Private Investigator with the expertise and has extensive experience in this area. Before conducting any mobile phone forensics, Private Investigators should provide clients with a free consultation and give full disclosures of the searched texts, emails, photos, and internet history.

When a Private Investigator conducts a forensics investigation, the mobile phone is the most effective method to retrieve critical information and evidence for all types of cases. Datastore inside your mobile phone has become a source of information that leaves a trail of your daily lives and has become an invaluable source of evidence for Private Investigators. As technology advances so rapidly, Private Investigators must be always keep updated on the latest available forensics methods, tools, and skills. Keep track of the latest versions of software for all types of mobile devices. Sometimes when a person suspects that a forensic is going to be conducted on his mobile device, he will try to destroy the evidence by burying the existing data with tons of new useless data or smacking it.

Our leading Asia Top Private Investigator, Vincent Tan can analyze all the information retrieved and provide clients with a proven strategy on how to execute the plan. He will make sure that the evidence is documented, the date and time are recorded and not to contaminate the evidence to be admissible in Court. Clients can rest assured that all materials and information retrieved will be handed over to them in strict confidentially as Asia Top Investigation LLP understands that very often retrieved materials are very sensitive especially photos and videos. Asia Top Investigation LLP believes that confidentiality is central to preservation between Private Investigators and Clients. The most common method for Private Investigators to gather data from a mobile device is through physical acquisition. Using this technique allows a forensic tool to retrieve deleted data and convert the data into a human-readable form.

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You are advised to conduct simple due diligence and gauge their expertise and experience before engaging them.


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