Pre-marital Background Check by Private Investigator Vincent Tan ( Asia Top Investigation LLP)

Most private investigation agencies conduct pre-marital background investigations, noticed a rise in these cases during the last few years. This might be because of a number of sham marriages reported online.

Private Investigator Vincent Tan says, most clients have some suspicion on their potential partner while some just want to be sure and safe about their lifelong commitment. It is wise to conduct a background check if suspect something is amiss and for their peace of mind.

Some potential partners might be not truthful about their career, educational background, financial status, any past relationship, or property ownership. These are some of the main concerns clients are worried about. While some are concerned about their wide age gap between them or partner being a foreigner.

Some clients might have a wonderful relationship but want to be on a safe side to protect themselves.

Private Investigators conducting a pre-marital check must be well trained and proficient in this field and most importantly conduct discreetly.

Clients are interested in

1. Partner’s financial status ( whether if in debt)

2. Background

3. Social relationship

4. Past criminal records

5. Current and previous marital status

6. Any children

7. Assets

8. Behavior (smoking, drug, alcohol addiction if any)

9. Employment status

10. Education

Gathering all this information is challenging for a private investigator especially on past criminal records. In some cases, a private investigator needs to conduct low key surveillance on the potential partner. This low key surveillance will give clients accurate and comprehensive background information.

You can browse online to search for a reliable top private investigator or get references from friends. Basically there are 2 types of packages for conducting a pre-marital background check:

1) Strictly background checks; or

2) Background checks with surveillance.

Discuss with your private investigator about what information is important to you as this will save you some money.

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