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The term con man or con artist also refers to a confident man or a confident artist. Con men are always very confident and disguises their true motives to cheat money through deception. They target people’s weakness, loneliness, insecurity, easy-going character, helpfulness, honesty, friendly nature, fear, and greed to cheat. Private Investigator Vincent Tan claimed that some professional con men can make their victims believed that they are their old friend in a matter of minutes after the meeting.

Those con men are extremely good at manipulating people and have good persuasion skills. Private Investigator Vincent Tan explained that to avoid begin conned, be extra careful of any unsolicited telephone calls or strangers visiting your house or receiving emails /messages/gifts or begin approach on the street.

Con men are extremely sweet talkers and can make the victim feel very comfortable with them. They will always wait for the opportunity to strike when the victim shows interest in the deal. Con men like to claim that they know people in the high office and some of those people are their close friends or buddies.

A con man is likely to impress the victim by his dressing. He will dress like a wealthy man and drive a luxury car. Some even have a prestigious office address and even intentionally reveal that he is staying in an exclusive neighborhood.

Private investigator Vincent Tan says that some con men will use these old tactics by receiving a telephone call in the middle of the meeting with you. During the call, the conversation will focus on how he helped the caller to make money in just a few days for the victim to hear.

The bottom line is, fraud is a crime that can happen to anyone, given the right con man and a victim with the right set of circumstances. Always trust your inner voice in you. Its always safer to conduct due diligence before you decide to part with a large amount of money.

Private Investigator Vincent Tan avised the rule of this game is never to reveal any confidential information or passwords to anyone. If you have been conned or spammed, made a police report with the Singapore Police Force.

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