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Most private investigators/ private detectives in Singapore conduct surveillance on most of their cases. Be it Matrimonial or Commercial. A well-planned surveillance operation typically consists of 3 to 4 operatives. ( male & female ) and 2 to 3 vehicles ( 1 or 2 motorcycles and a motorcar )

In most situations, the 3 vehicles will be spread out. One of the vehicles will be assigned as “the eye”. This is very important as “the eye” will be keeping a close watch

on the target. The other vehicles will be station in a distance away from the target to avoid begin notice.

When the target move, “the eye” will radio the other operatives to get ready. “The eye” will not follow until the target is out of sight. The surveillance operatives will rotate to be assigned to be “the eye” and using a “leapfrogging” surveillance tactics.

In some instances, a surveillance vehicle will be ahead of the target. This is to avoid any conscious-target detecting that he/she is under surveillance. The surveillance team is equipped with radio communication to connect all the operatives. They are equipped with the latest evidence gathering equipment in the vehicles.

When an operative/vehicle is noticed by the target, he/vehicle will be swapped. Some private investigators conduct surveillance alone, due to manpower shortage or clients have a limited budget. The surveillance operation is usually planned ahead, this is to familiarize the surveillance operatives with the neighborhood and surroundings.

In certain cases, clients might require a 24/7 surveillance operation on the target. In this situation, a second-team must be ready to take over.

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