Private Investigator License

Private Investigator License

Police Licensed Private Investigators

Private Investigators operating in Singapore provides investigative services to legal firms, insurance companies, corporate companies, and private individuals to gather evidence and information. Litigation support is also a type of investigation service Singapore Private Detective offer to lawyers.

Private individuals hire Private Investigators (PI) for many reasons such as locating missing people, conducting background checks, gathering evidence for adultery, conducting general surveillance, and many others.

Most Singapore Private Investigator’s scope of work is in conducting surveillance, field investigation, and conducting online searches. Pretext phone calls are often used by Private Investigators to confirm the information and gather data on the subject.

In Singapore Private Investigation Agencies Are licensed by the Police Licensing & Regulatory Department located at Police Cantonment Complex, 393 New Bridge Road. Singapore 088763

Private Investigator License

How To Become A Private Investigator In Singapore

Private Investigators in Singapore need to be licensed by the Singapore Police Force (PRLD). In order to get a license you have to go through 6 days of Information Collection ( Perform Investigation Activities In Compliance With Legal Requirements) course and pass the test conducted by NTUC Learning Hub.

After passing the course you can apply directly to licensed private investigation agencies that are recruiting trainee private investigators.

The agency will then require you to go through their own in-house training.

Most private investigation agencies will train you on the art of surveillance and how to use the latest evidence-gathering equipment

At Asia Top Investigation, we will assign a mentor to you and you will learn the skill from him. You will be conducting surveillance and investigation under the supervision of your mentor.

When you are selecting a Police Licensed Private Detective in Singapore, it is always good to confirm that the Agencies and the Private Detectives are licensed by the Private Investigation Agency Licensing & Regulatory Department (PLRD).

The License is always on display in the office or most Private Investigators will save a copy on the phone. Do some research on their experience and expertise before you meet up with them. Read more in-depth on their website and ask some questions about their experience and their success rate.

Beware of detectives/investigators who divulge details, or boast about past cases they have solved to impress you. This is a sign of confidentiality being breached by the private investigator. We believe that total confidentiality must be strictly maintained to protect clients’ privacy. No clients will want their case to be discussed partially or fully as a case study.

At Asia Top Investigation LLP we will listen to and analyze your case, give you an estimated time frame, and costs, to devise a plan on how the investigation will be conducted and prevent detection.

Hiring A Private Investigator in Singapore

How To Hire A Private Investigator In Singapore?

To hire a private investigator in Singapore, here are a few things you’d need to take note of…

1. Confidentiality

Make sure that your private investigator is trustworthy and maintains client confidentiality. There are many cases where investigation details have been unintentionally leaked out which may jeopardize the case.

2. Licensed

Working with an unauthorized private investigator is illegal in Singapore. That goes without saying. However, something you might not know is that a licensed private investigator is not allowed to solicit services on his own. Only the licensee of a Private Investigation Agency can advertise to provide private investigation services.

3. Experience

An experienced private investigator will take a different approach to your case as opposed to a novice. This means having results done in the most effective ways including using the latest technology such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), and creative strategies that will not compromise the objectives of the case.

About Asia Top Investigation


Asia Top Investigation LLP is a respected and renowned Private Investigation Agency based in Singapore. Our Private Investigator, Steven Tan is licensed by the Singapore Police Force SPF since the 1990s.

Over the past 20 years, he has trained over 60 Private Investigators in investigative techniques and the art of surveillance. With his years of experience, he is an expert in critical evidence gathering during surveillance or investigation. Steven Tan is always on the lookout for the latest evidence-gathering technology and techniques. Steven Tan and his team are capable to complete assessments and uncovering information that may be hidden or unavailable to others.

Asia Top Investigation LLP is specialized in conducting personal and business investigations. Private Investigator, Steven Tan says that one of the most important rules as a Private Investigator is to maintain the strict confidentiality of the clients and conduct investigation in a very discreet manner. With his experience, expertise, skill, and knowledge he will ensure the correct information has been legally obtained. All our Private Investigators are required to pass the WSQ module’s perform investigation activities in compliance with a legal requirement (PI) before they are deployed for any cases. The course is approved by the Singapore Police Force SPF.

Our goals are to use the evidence to assist clients in their cases and make better decisions. We use Artificial Intelligent (AI) in some of our cases that will help the client with a cost-effective method to gather evidence. This will save time and money for our clients.

If you’re looking for an experienced PI to help solve your case or if you need some advice on an ongoing case, you may contact Asia Top Investigation at or WhatsApp us at +65 9651 1969.

If you’d like to learn more on ,private investigation-related knowledge, feel free to check out our other articles ,here. For more questions about Private Investigations, you can read this ,Private Investigator FAQ here.

The Cost Of Hiring A Private Investigator in 2021 in Singapore


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Asia Top Investigation LLP believes in solving your case with the most efficient and cost-effective method. Using Artificial Intelligence( AI ) Technology, and reducing unnecessary investigations to reduce the cost of investigations without compromising the quality of the case.

If you need any private investigation services in Singapore, please contact Private Detective Vincent Tan @ +65 96511969 or email