Private Investigator On “Warning Signs” Of “Online Cheating”……. By Asia Top Investigation LLP

Private Investigator Steven Tan of Asia Top Investigation LLP has been in a Private Investigator for 20 years and seen a number of Online cheating cases. Online Cheating is an act of engaging in a virtual affair with opposite gender, which doesn’t necessarily involve a physical affair.

Most online cheating affairs will lead to a physical affair if not stop early. Private Investigator Steven Tan caution if anyone suspects that their partner is overly secretive about their social media accounts, personal emails, whatsapp activities, deleting browsers history too frequently, and very secretive about their passwords or adding a password which they did not have before.

Private Investigator Steven Tan advises the best approach is to engage an open honest conversation with your partner. Explain how their behavior makes you feel before engaging a Private Investigator. Be truthful and sensitive about your suspicions. Do not overreact and cause an open confrontation as it will make the matter worse. Instead, be more concerned about them. Monitor them closely for some time and if the situation does not improve you might want to get professional help before it is too late.

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