Private Investigator Surveillance and Counter-Surveillance operation by Private Detective Steven Tan

Asia Top Investigation LLP ( ATI ) conducts surveillance and counter-surveillance operations at the highest level of client expectations. The surveillance and counter-surveillance operation is headed by Private Investigator Steven Tan. Over the past 20 years, Steven Tan has trained more than 60 private investigators in the art of surveillance both locally and internationally.

If you suspect that you are been followed or your mobile devices have been compromised, call us using a confidential line ( public phone) on how to conduct a counter-surveillance.

Our operatives are chosen from the very best with at least 15 years of surveillance and counter-surveillance experience.

We conduct a high standard of 4 hours of Counter surveillance Courses to cater to clients who suspect that he/she is under surveillance. This course will help our client to identify/ confirmed if he /she is under surveillance and how to avoid it. The clients will also be trained on how to identify/detect tracking devices and any surveillance equipment place on him/her, or his vehicle.

If you have any questions our expert will be happy to assist you. You can contact Private Investigator Vincent Tan @ +65 96511969 or email

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