Private Investigator talks about “Artificial Intelligent Back-Tool Deepfake” Asia’s Top PI, Vincent

Artificial Intelligence AI “Back-Tool Deepfake” apps can help criminals to alter videos and images. It is an artificial intelligence AI-based human image synthesis technique use to superimpose existing videos and photos into source images and videos.

It uses deep learning technology to create a fake. The emergence of Artificial Intelligence AI “Back-Tool Deepfake” technology could severely impact the Private Investigation Industry to fake evidence.

It will damage the Private Investigator’s reputation if he or she is not trained to identify fake videos or photos. Private investigators should be arm with the skill and knowledge to spot fake videos or photos altered by “Deepfake” technology. Criminals are using AI “Back-Tool Deepfake” to trick companies into sending them money. It was reported on BBC News that “Deepfake” apps cause fraud and privacy fear in China.

Private Investigator Vincent Tan says artificial Intelligence tools can assist Private Investigators in their Investigation. It can uncover evidence quicker and more effectively saving client time and money. For example, AI takes just 1 hour to come up with an analysis of case data while a human might take about a day to conclude. You can read more at Asia Top Investigation Blog on “How Artificial intelligence AI Can Help A Private Investigator”

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In an article, a, Chinese based company can identify a person from a database of at least 2 billion people in a matter of seconds.

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