Private Investigator types of Evidence Gathering Equipment by Private Investigator Vincent Tan (ATI)

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Most private investigators are well-trained individuals who is expert in using surveillance equipment. They are trained to operate the equipment covertly. Some of Singapore, private detectives use equipment that is more sophisticated.

There is some evidence gathering equipment commonly available on the internet.

1) GPS Tracker

This is the most common device used by Singapore private detectives. This GPS device will help private investigators to track the target movement. There are a few hundred types of tracking devices available on the internet. A good private investigator uses tracking devices that can track the target accurately even when a target is underground or in a building.

2) Conceal camera / video

Although most private investigators use camera/video with high lens devices from a far distance. But some professional private investigators who prefer to use evidence-gathering devices conceal into their body, to record the critical evidence.

3) Lie detection equipment

This technique can be used in a real-time interview or during a phone conversation. This device can determine if a person is being truthful or lying.

4) A speech masking devices

This device is built into a mobile phone and its the most convenient method to protect your private conversation.

5) Mobile voice recorder

This device is used to record a conversation in a vehicle even when the background is noisy. It can record a conversation even the radio is on unless a speech masking device is a place in the vehicle while the conversation is ongoing.

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