Private Investigator Vincent Tan: Hiring a Private Investigator or P.I., Asia Top Investigation LLP

Hiring a private investigator or PI in Singapore is not an easy decision. Firstly, you will have to be sure that your private investigator is reliable, responsible, and can be trusted.

Confidentiality is extremely important to clients when engaging a private investigator or private detective. However, most private investigators or private detectives in Singapore take confidentiality very seriously.

Private Investigator or private detective fees are also other factors for clients’ consideration to engage them. Some time ago there is a report that a judge rejected a claim of S$55,000 for a private investigation fee as begin unreasonably. The private investigator fees were reduced to S$10,000.

Surveillance is mostly used for matrimonial cases when clients suspected that their partner is cheating. A good surveillance operative will be able to gather evidence and most importantly conduct the surveillance legally.

Another common method, private investigators or private detectives use involves installing tracking and evidence gathering equipment to reduce manpower and cost for their clients. Covert evidence gathering equipment can help private investigators to gather evidence without the risk of discovery.

Some private investigators or private detectives might install spy software for cheating spouse cases. Some of these spying software is illegal and it’s advisable to make sure that the private investigator agency you’re hiring is abiding the law.

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