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There are lots of private investigators (PI) blogs online. Most of the PI blogs are posted by professional private investigators, updating on local cases, investigative tactics, the latest spy products, news related to the private investigator industry, and more.

The private investigator blogs provide a platform for private investigators and wanna-be private investigators with information and advice. The PI blogs also share a view on research strategies, to surveillance tactics.

Private investigator Vincent Tan says, he frequently updates his blogs and makes it short and easy to navigate. His objective is to provide information to potential clients and share them with other private investigators. He focuses on topics he is specialized in and posts about reflect information for clients considering engaging a private investigator.

Some of those articles Private Investigator Vincent Tan posted can be found at the Asia Top Investigation website @ or you can visit the website of 7 SPF Approved Best Private Investigators.

Articles such as: “Suspect your spouse cheating on you”, “Can I forgive my partner who cheated on me”, “Has my phone been bugged”, “Love spam”, “Pre-marital background check”, “A simple way to erase all your data on old mobile devices”, “How much does it cost to hire a private investigator” and many more short and informative articles.

Private investigator Vincent Tan believes that it is critical to stay updated on the latest technology available and investigative methodology, which can assist him to obtain evidence in a cost-effective way. This will help to save some money for clients and assuring the client’s confidence.

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