PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS: No Problem Is Too Big To Solve @ Asia Top Investigation LLP, Vincent Tan.

Asia Top Investigation is a results-driven and cutting-edge private investigation agency. We use the latest available technology to help our clients to achieve their objectives and avoid unnecessary investigation hence reducing the cost without compromising the quality of the case. At Asia Top Investigation LLP, we take confidentiality very seriously and are committed to your privacy. We assured clients that their case remains absolutely confidential with our agency and motto is “No problems are too big to solve”. You can read more on ,Asia Top Investigation Blog on “Are Singapore Private Investigator Taking Confidentiality Seriously”

We manage clients’ budgets with our cost-saving evidence gathering equipment and ensure that the standard of the investigation is not compromised. Our private investigators are well trained and will update clients in real-time to make the clients comfortable and give them peace of mind.

Our leading Private Investigator, Vincent Tan is a Certified International Private Investigator and has been awarded many awards in his 25 years as a private detective. He started his private investigator career with an International Private Investigation Agency under Mr Lionel Chee ( former Assistance Commissioner of Police), Mr Daniel A Grove, who opened the first federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) office at the American Consulate in Hong Kong and Mr Martin Soh, former Corrupt Practises Investigation Bureau (CPIB). Another Leading Private Investigator, Steven Tan who has trained more than 60 Private Investigators the “Art of Surveillance” and “Covert Evidence Gathering” both locally and internationally. With 20 years of experience, Steven Tan is an expert is conducting surveillance, has the knowledge in using the latest tracking devices and surveillance evidence-gathering devices. He has helped many clients to conduct their own step-by-step investigation to obtain the evidence they needed using our devices.

If you are looking for a Licensed Experience Private with a wide network of International Private Investigators utilizing the lastest cost-cutting edge technology, you can contact Asia Top Investigation LLP at +65-9651-1969 via Phone or WhatsApp. We can tailor our services specifically to suit your requirements.

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