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When you feel that your partner is losing interest in you, depression and hurt will creep into you. One way to avoid this unhealthy relationship is to be alert and early detection may help to salvage the relationship.

One of the early telltale signs is that your partner communicates with you lessen.

Your partner stops asking questions about little things like ” Have you eaten your lunch?” “How is your day?” “Are doing alright?” or “Just call to say I love you” ……

Most couples in a healthy relationship, the partner will initiate plans and look forward to spending quality time together. If a relationship is going downhill, your partner will often cancel an appointment with you in the last minutes with fictitious excuses, your partner starts to get impatient and get frustrated easily with you. If you can sense that your relationship is going downhill, you might want to pay more attention to your partner.

When your partner shows little or no interest in romantic activities, this might indicate that your partner is showing signs of withdrawal from a relationship. Try to dive in to find out the reason and have an open discussion and listen.

Beware if your partner behaves coldly towards you like example your partner avoid answering your calls or rarely returns your text messages. These are the signals that your partner is either very troubled or “don’t care” attitude with you.

Your partner avoids going out with your family or friends altogether and will make no effort to visit your family and giving you excuses not to bring you to his family. If your partner will bring you out with his new friends or colleagues and introduce you as “just a friend” even you have been dating for years: is a sign that your partner is not taking this relationship seriously.

Last but not least is that your partner is not reliable and was caught lying to you a few times. and continuously let you down. A good and healthy relationship is a partner can genuinely show to be trustworthy, honest, and be dependable at all times.

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