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Asia Top Investigation LLP advises a couple to consider carefully on Child Custody before filing for a divorce if there is any child/children involved. Child custody can be a complex matter if both parties want sole custody, care and control of the child/children. Hence it will be important to engage an experienced Private Investigator.

Private Investigator, Vincent Tan with 25 years of Private Investigation experience in handling Child Custody Investigation, says that an experienced Child Custody investigator must know the crucial type of evidence to look out for. There are some reported cases on child custody you can read online: , ,The decision of the High Court

When conducting Child Custody Investigation, Private Investigator must able to secure evidence of the other partner’s negative behavior. Some of these negative behavior include Alcohol Abuse, Drink Driving, Drug Abuse, Criminal Activity, Violence Behavior, Verbal Abuse, and any other negative impact on your child.

When the child is under the care of the other partner, Private Investigator must observe carefully the amount and quality of time spent with the Child. Private Investigator should look out for this evidence: The child is under somebody’s care who is not supposed to be, Safety of the child is being compromised, the child being abused, the child is unhappy, the child is left alone for a long period of time, the child was brought out of the country without consent, or the child is being exposed to excessive smoking.

There are generally common 3 types of child custody order of the child in Singapore;

i) Sole Custody Order;

ii) Joint Custody Order; or

iii) Assess Order

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