Singapore Private Investigator Vincent Tan Was “Awarded Asia Top Investigator” in 2012, May 5

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In Asia Top Investigation LLP, Private Investigator Vincent Tan was awarded Asia Top Investigator on 2012 May 15 and he was a recipient for outstanding contributions in the field of Matrimonial Investigation on 2012 January 5.

In his 25 years of conducting Matrimonial Investigations, he has handled thousands of matrimonial cases both locally and overseas. Private Investigator Vincent Tan is an expert in gathering infidelity evidence for his clients. He understands the painful process his clients are going through and will avoid unnecessary investigations to save time and money.

He makes sure that his clients are comfortable and assured while advising them based on his experience. As a professional Private Investigator, Vincent Tan always remembers the promise made with the client on confidentiality. He will not even want to use his past cases as case studies or describing past cases to impress other potential clients. He believes this is not right even when the names of clients have been anonymized in the case studies.

You can contact Private Investigator Vincent Tan @ +65 9651 1969 or email



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