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Singapore Private Investigator Why Asia Top Investigation

Private Investigation Agencies in Singapore get a bad rep. That’s why, as the leading PI Agency in Singapore, Asia Top Investigation wanted to write this article for you to know what to look out for when hiring a Private Investigator / Private Detective Agency in Singapore.

Here are five things you’d need to check before hiring a PI:

  1. Their Experience
  2. Their Testimonials
  3. Their Methodology
  4. Their Ethics
  5. Their Cost

Each of these factors contributes to the reliability and capability of your PI. Understanding the PI’s attributes with these factors allows you to better gauge the professionalism and effectiveness of the PI that you’ll be working with. As most cases a highly confidential and personal, we’d recommend that you do your due diligence before deciding on which PI to work with.

1. Experience

Singapore Private Investigator Why Asia Top Investigation

When hiring a Private investigator, Asia Top Investigation recommends that you look for an agency with good experience in handling cases of your nature. Some PIs are experts in background checks, for example, but lack the experience for mobile surveillance. At Asia Top Investigation, our PIs are trained and experienced with years of experience in both surveillance and investigation activities in Singapore and Overseas. An added benefit is our network of local and international investigators to accomplish missions that may seem impossible to others. You can read more about what our clients say about us on our Google Reviews here.

2. Testimonials

Singapore Private Investigator Why Asia Top Investigation

Branded as the most reliable PI Agency in Singapore, Asia Top Investigation has many accolades and testimonials from companies and individuals, gathering during our past 25 years of service in this industry. This can be emphasized in our news features globally.

To determine if your PI agency is reliable, you need to understand what were the past cases they’ve worked with, and what were the results. If the PI agency has blown (exposed) cases before, they might not be as reliable as you’d think.

3. Methodology

Singapore Private Investigator Why Asia Top Investigation

While required by the Singapore Law that we operate our businesses within the legal boundaries, that does not mean that all PI Agencies use the same method. Some methods are more efficient and cost-effective than others such as a preliminary background check rather than all-out surveillance. Talk to your trusted PI and find out his or her methodology behind solving your cases and if that seems logical to you, then go ahead.

4. Ethics

Singapore Private Investigator Why Asia Top Investigation

Ethics is an essential part of this industry. Unfortunately, it’s not a common practice in PI agencies. We hold all our PIs to the highest standards of ethics and professionalism when handling our valued client’s cases, regardless of big or small.

5. Cost

Singapore Private Investigator Why Asia Top Investigation

Hiring a reliable PI agency is not cheap. If you’re keen to find out how much it is to hire a PI in Singapore, you can read this article. It is, however, important to note that cost isn’t the main factor here. Albeit slightly expensive, you’d want to make sure that you get the most experienced and professional PI that will get the job done and not blow their cover when operating on your case.

Some PI Agencies use part-time private investigators that might jeopardize your case as they lack experience and the knowledge a professional PI Agency like Asia Top Investigation has. A private investigator in Asia Top possesses the knowledge and skill. Those skills come from many years of investigation experience. It is very important because if the investigation/ surveillance is not done correctly and can lead to potential negative consequences.

All our Private investigators are licensed by the Singapore Police Force. You might wonder why it is important to engage an experienced private investigator. For example, when an investigator conducts surveillance for extended periods and detects the evidence he/ she must be able to capture the evidence in the video without causing the subject to notice it. If you miss the chance to capture the video you might not have a second chance to get it again.

Again an experienced private investigator must ensure that all evidence can be used in the court of law. All evidence gather must be within legal compliance.

The quality of the skill of a private investigator far outweighs the costs when you consider the results of the case.

If you’d like to learn more on private investigation-related knowledge, feel free to check out our other articles here. We’ve also written an article on how to hire a PI agency in Singapore here.

Singapore Private Investigator Why Asia Top Investigation


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