Skip Tracing/Asset Recovery by Private Investigator Vincent Tan (Asia Top Investigation LLP)

Skip Tracing is a process of locating an individual who has skipped out on a legal or financial obligation though it is not limited to those matters. Asia Top Investigation LLP have the expertise and extensive network of local and international partners who are well connected.

To trace and locate a missing person or a person deliberately gone into hiding is a challenging task. People who have gone into hiding will cover his track to avoid detection at all costs.

With our expertise, we will put in our best effort to assist clients to locate the missing person. Our private investigators have the experience, analytical skill, and resources to identify/detect vital/verified/analyzed cues to pursue the missing subject until they are located. In some cases, if we cannot locate the missing person, we will terminate the investigation after 3 months unless the client is determined to continue.

Asia Top Investigation relies on various online databases and sources to kick start the investigation. After gathering leads, our private investigators will conduct extensive research on the subject interest, close contacts, business associates, property, and places subject used to frequently. Private investigator Vincent Tan added that surveillance is sometimes recommended as it will lead us to locate the subject.

If you have exhausted all your mean and cannot locate the subject, you can contact Private Investigator Vincent Tan @ +65 9651 1969 or email


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