Spy Surveillance Devices Used In Private Investigations. By Private Investigator, Steven Tan (ATI)

Evidence gathering is the first and utmost important part of a surveillance operation. It is crucial that all evidence gathered in criminal or civil cases must be admissible in court. Proper use of any spy surveillance devices must ensure that it is within the law parameter.

While experience cannot be taught, the correct use of spy surveillance devices and techniques can. If you do an online search on spy surveillance devices there is plenty in the market to choose. The ability to choose the correct spy surveillance device comes from many years of experience of using spy surveillance devices. As technology is always advancing, Private Investigators must be able to update themselves, keep track of the latest available spy surveillance devices, and constantly upgrading to the latest technology. Good rapport is necessary to maintain a relationship with a few reliable suppliers.

Private Investigator, Steven Tan from Asia Top Investigation LLP says that to conduct a successful surveillance operation, all Private Investigators must be trained to use the spy surveillance devices professionally. Some of these spy surveillance devices commonly used by Private Investigators are;

1) GPS Tracking Devices

2) Reverse Conceal Camera/ Video

3) Conceal Audio Recorder

4) In-vehicle Audio/Video Recorder

5) Super Zoom Camera

6) Unlimited Range Listening Devise

7) Digital Night-Vision Camera/ Video

8) Directional Mike

When you search online there are hundreds or even thousands of these devices available. Some even sell for as low as a hundred dollars. In order, to get the correct devices the experience of selecting and the supplier play an important role. For example, there are almost a thousand types of GPS Tracker or Audio Recorder in the market. But to get a correct GPS Tracker or Audio Recorder is a big challenge.

Due to our trade secret, we are unable to describe the devices we use but we assure you that the devices we use are the latest in technology. You can GOOGLE to search for Private Investigation Agencies using keywords such as ;

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You are advised to call a few Private Investigation Agencies to gauge their expertise and experience before engaging them.

Alternatively, you may wish to contact Asia Top Investigation LLP for more information on the spy surveillance devices at +65-9651-1969 via phone or Whatsapp.

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